Our Vision





UAS development 

PGI has vast experience assisting aerospace engineers defining and designing end user systems, software controls, and integration for operational use. 

We strive to help industry develop  business strategy and designing incredible equipment for our nations most elite forces. We will work with the engineering team, business development team, and management to increase understanding user needs, quality of the product in the operators eyes, company culture, and user relations.

Special Operations Subject Matter Expertise

Drawing on decades of conventional and joint SOF experience, PGI will assist your business in developing cutting edge gear for our nations warfighters.

 +1 (310) 775-2968            info@pangolingroup.com

Tactics, Techniques, and Proceedure integration

Have existing products but don't understand how to reach out to the government to support military operations? Let PGI work to solve capability gaps and shortfalls with your technology.               

Our Strengths

OT&E and UA
PGI maintains close relationships with ranges and test organizations that serve the user community. Let us assist gaining your products exposure with our nations most capable and well funded forces.

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